About Us

Andrew Necolettos


I love big cats so much I moved from Virginia to Florida to work with them. My love for animals started long ago and it wasn’t until 1994 I discovered my deep love and commitment towards big cats. Ever since I have care for them, got certified to handle their needs and to be able to help them in any way I can. I founded this sanctuary to keep them safe and I work a full-time job just to make sure I keep the operation going.  It is very difficult to keep it going on my own.  However, the cats need someone who can speak for them.  That’s me.  I will do anything for them.  


Crystal Deardoff

Since Crystal was a young girl, she always knew deep down in her heart that her love of animals would one day lead her into a career to help them as well. After countless hours of bottle feeding, rehoming and caring for many animals she fell right into a dream position of a sanctuary where she now calls home with her twin boys and wife and too many animals to count on two hands. She hopes that her love will light a fire in the hearts of many, many that have wished the same for animals such as the ones here at Mountain High Animal Sanctuary.  In 2013 while working at an animal zoo she met Andrew from Mountain High Animal Sanctuary and became great friends. In 2017 she moved to the sanctuary and is now their Vice President.